The Time is Now …

CYFA (Center for Youth and Family Advocacy) is an independent, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to transform the fabric of family and community through restorative practices, education, and advocacy.  CYFA employs collaborative approaches to create comprehensive solutions to the complex issues of racial and social justice. CYFA’s cross-system prevention initiatives are research-based and mission-focused: CYFA works to eradicate structural inequities and empower young people to create and achieve successful outcomes for self, family, and community.

CYFA’s Promoting Empathy through Equitable Resolution (PEER) program is a youth-led restorative practice program that diverts young people from the juvenile legal and school disciplinary systems for behaviors attributable to adolescence. PEER creates a partnership between key system stakeholders and the community to allow young people to avoid formal legal system involvement and reduced loss of instruction time due to disciplinary sanctions.

CYFA also has created the Guiding Personal Success (GPS) program to provide opportunities to economically-disadvantaged young people. Educational inequity affects not only the student but, also, the local, state, and national economies. GPS seeks to remove systemic barriers so that students receive the resources and opportunities needed to succeed.

CYFA’s Relax Relate Restore series provides a restorative community space to process lived experiences related to current global, national, and local affairs.  We have curated these equity conversations to allow participants to relax in an intimate virtual setting, relate with others through free expression, and restore well-being through facilitated, reflective conversations. 

Please join CYFA in this important work. Contact us to see how you can join our community coalition.