Who We Are

Devanshi Patel, Chief Executive Officer

Devanshi Patel is CYFA’s Chief Executive Officer.  Devanshi also is a a litigator and an adjunct professor at Howard University School of Law.  Devanshi’s legal work focuses on juvenile law, family law, and criminal defense.  Devanshi has worked locally and regionally on system reform, and she advocates for prevention programming and diversion policies to address racial and social injustice.

As an adjunct professor at HUSL, Devanshi academic responsibilities include juvenile justice and adoption law.  Coursework focuses not only on legal and political frameworks but, also, the intersectionality with race, class, gender, and economic status.  Devanshi’s research focuses primarily on gender and race, including racial inequality. 

Devanshi is regularly consulted on issues affecting diverse workplaces and creating and maintaining inclusive environments. Devanshi also has experience providing strategic direction and curriculum development for facilitated community discussions on race and racism. 

Molly Newton, Chief Operating Officer

Molly Newton is CYFA’s Chief Operating Officer. Molly also is a litigator and certified Guardian ad litem. Molly’s legal work focuses on juvenile law, child welfare matters, and criminal defense. She is the former Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington County. As a former prosecutor, Molly understands the inequities of the criminal legal system, and she regularly advocates for racial and social justice.

Molly has received restorative training through Eastern Mennonite University.

Bill Turner, Chief Information and Technology Officer

William (Bill) Turner is CYFA’s Chief Information and Technology Officer. Bill also is a criminal defense attorney and the trial advocacy coach at the Scalia School of Law. Bill previously served as Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington County, where he handled Internet crimes against children and other serious offenses against minors. He understands the connections between systemic oppression and harm. He advocates for systemic reform to achieve accountability and healing to prevent future harm.

Gregory Baldwin, Director of Restorative Practices

Gregory Baldwin is the Director of Restorative Practices for CYFA and leads its Promoting Empathy through Equitable Resolution and Relax Relate Restore programs.  Mr. Baldwin also serves as the School Climate and Culture Specialist for Alexandria City Public Schools in Alexandria, Virginia. In this role he serves as the district-wide coordinator for restorative practices.  Mr. Baldwin has been an educator for nearly 30 years and has served as a social studies teacher, special educator, and school administrator.

Mr. Baldwin is a licensed trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP). While at the Harvard Divinity School, Greg received specialized training in restorative justice and its intersections with spirituality, indigeneity, racial justice, and peacebuilding. 

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