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Become a YPC Ambassador

Young people are the most effective ambassadors of system transformation. 

Restorative philosophy promotes building relationships and rebuilding relationships after harm. CYFA developed YPC to address harmful behavior by young people through restorative practices. YPC is faithful to the indigenous practice of restorative justice:  

It honors the cultural roots of restorative justice

Seeks to center power in Black and Brown youth who are disproportionately impacted by the juvenile legal system and school disciplinary system

Utilizes a tested anti-racist curriculum to educate and empower youth and experienced restorative practitioners

Honors self-determination in youth participation.


YPC amplifies supports and strengths that young people need to succeed.

YPC Ambassadors will:

Feel supported by caring non-parent adults
Feel empowered and valued by adults in the community
Be engaged in a defined/useful role and will serve his/her community
Model positive peer behavior
Engage in a valued youth-based program
Be motivated to do well in school and care about it
Place a high value on helping others and promoting equity, equality, and social justice
Exercise responsibility, cultural competence, honesty, interpersonal competence, and peaceful conflict resolution
Experience personal power over the actions in his/her life
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CYFA wants to hear from you.  Contact us to become a YPC Ambassador.