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Devanshi Patel, Co-Founder & CEO

Devanshi Patel is CYFA’s Chief Executive Officer. Devanshi has worked locally and regionally on system transformation, and she advocates for prevention programming and diversion policies to address system harm.


As a litigator, Devanshi’s work focuses on juvenile law, family law, and criminal defense. She is regularly consulted for expertise on issues affecting the best interests of children in difficult matters affecting familial systems issues.  


Devanshi serves as an adjunct professor at Howard University School of Law, where her academic responsibilities include juvenile justice and adoption law. Her coursework focuses on legal and political framework, including intersectionality with race, class, gender, and economic status. Devanshi’s research focuses primarily on gender and race, including racial inequality.


Devanshi is experienced and provides counsel on issues affecting diverse workplaces and creating and maintaining inclusive environments. Devanshi also has experience providing strategic direction and curriculum development for facilitated community discussions on race and racism.