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Guiding Personal Success

GPS supports intellectual curiosity and allows children and youth to learn without limits.


CYFA’s Guiding Personal Success (GPS) program provides economically disadvantaged children and youth access to opportunities necessary to reach their full potential and experience optimal well-being. GPS provides case management and coordination services to ensure all children have access to resources and opportunities necessary to thrive.  

Educational inequity affects not only the student but also the local, state, and national economies. All children deserve the opportunity to succeed and contribute their gifts to the world.  CYFA works with trusted partners against structural oppression to ensure that students in GPS receive coordinated care and support.  


Children and youth who qualify for free and reduced lunch programs.


Equity-based enrichment program providing coordinated care in collaboration with local service providers to ensure students have access to resources and opportunities necessary to thrive.  


Inclusive and supportive enrichment programs have positive impacts on student growth. 


Children receive supportive services, including:

Educational enrichment to encourage a commitment to life-long learning
Recreational opportunities to encourage peer-to-peer relationships & relationships with adults
Community engagement to empower children and youth to serve and feel valued
Life skills training to facilitate healthy decision-making promote self-determination
Connection to resources for the young person and his/her family
Mentorship to provide supportive nonparent adult relationships
Social justice training to empower our youth and nurture positive self-identity

If you are a teacher, parent, caretaker, or service provider and want to learn more about GPS or how to enroll a child in GPS, please contact CYFA today.