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 Legal Advocacy Workshops

The justice gap exacerbates systemic inequities. 

The divide between legal needs and available services is known as the “justice gap,” and it is felt most acutely by our most vulnerable populations.  CYFA is addressing the justice gap through its Legal Advocacy Workshops (LAW).  

Access to justice requires more than the appointment of counsel – it demands high-quality and effective representation.  LAW works to make justice equal by amplifying the skills of legal professionals and those adjacent to the legal system through continued educational opportunities.

Justice Abstract Concept


LAW is available to prosecutors, attorneys, judges, and other professionals in and adjacent to the legal system.


LAW is a series of curated workshops for professionals to hone legal and advocacy skills in areas pertinent to the localities in which they practice.


Quality legal representation should be a fundamental right.


LAW is available virtually, and specific programming may be available upon request.

LAW is available in the following areas:

Criminal Defense

What is exculpatory evidence?

Criminal Defense

Understanding search warrants and probable cause

Criminal Defense

Understanding adult sentencing guidelines

Family Law

Understanding the role of a guardian ad litem

Juvenile Law

Know your rights

Juvenile Law

Understanding the delinquency process and the Code

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in a LAW program, or if you would like CYFA to curate a series on a specific topic.