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Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center

Restorative practice offers opportunities for supporting young people in their journey from accountability to reintegration.  

CYFA and the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center (NVJDC) are transforming systemic responses to adolescent harm through community-based programming that promotes connection, healing, and growth and improves community safety. The BuildStrong Initiative was launched at NVJDC in April 2021 through the implementation of CYFA’s PEER and RRR programs.


CYFA and NVJDC have collaborated to train girls in the Community Placement Program (CPP) in PEER to amplify youth accountability, conflict resolution skill-building, self-confidence, and empowerment.  



CPP youth and NVJDC staff.


Girls in CPP and NVJDC staff are trained in PEER to amplify life skills, promote self-confidence, increase empathy, enhance conflict-resolution skills and support community reintegration. 


Provide young people opportunities to advance health and well-being through restorative practice.


Participants will be trained in PEER and in holding restorative conferences. 


Through RRR, CYFA and NVJDC are providing resources to staff and committed youth with the goal of improving health and safety outcomes by amplifying and sustaining a climate that supports growth and possibility. 

Relationships start with conversations.  RRR builds community at NVJDC through wellness and community circles:

Wellness Circles

Investment in staff wellness promotes healthy outcomes for all persons at the detention facility. CYFA and NVJDC are using RRR to build, emphasize, and sustain a culture of mental and physical well-being.

Co-Creating Community Safety

Authentic relationships and trust between staff and the youth they serve are necessary to co-create community safety. CYFA works to train staff and young people in restorative circle keeping, which provides the foundation for the NVJDC community to hold space for conversations regarding a sustainable culture of safety and well-being.