The Center for Youth and Family Advocacy (CYFA) promotes a public health approach to meeting the needs of the whole child and achieving community wellness through social justice reforms.

CYFA’s work seeks to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline through collaborative research and data initiatives, evaluation of disciplinary procedures and outcomes, and promotion of alternative disciplinary policies and evidenced-based interventions. CYFA believes that prevention work should meet the needs of youth and family before issues escalate to require system involvement. CYFA’s prevention work aims to support positive youth development, assets, and resilience to increase community wellness.

CYFA also promotes innovative “two-generation” programming models that implement holistic, evidence-based best practices to support healthy family development. In order to achieve community wellness and promote healthy outcomes, youth and family voices must be represented across systems.

Recognizing that structural inequity is at the heart of issues facing many families, CYFA collects data on race/ethnicity across key decision points to analyze practice and inform policy. 

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