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Relax Relate Restore

Relationships start with conversations.

CYFA launched Relax Relate Restore (RRR) in January 2021 to provide a restorative, conversational space to process lived experiences related to current global, national, and local affairs.

RRR provides a safe space for participants with diverse experiences and backgrounds to have meaningful conversations centered on a specific topic and with the goal of building or rebuilding bridges among the group. 



RRR allows participants to relax in an safe setting, relate with others through free expression, and restore well-being and healing through facilitated, reflective conversations. RRR creates space for powerful relational experiences that support the cultivation of new, constructive ideas to address the events around us.


RRR utilizes restorative conferencing to build community and provide space to speak truth. Participants are not required to study in advance of a RRR event; instead, each participant brings his or her authentic self. The goal is to build and strengthen relationships and community bonds through courageous conversations that promote understanding.  


Each participant can expect a curated experience that includes facilitated conversation. RRR discussions do not allow for debate and are not aimed to convince others of any particular view; rather, each participant openly and actively shares, listens, and learns. Through these conversations, participants have an opportunity to be curious and to heal in relation to one another.

RRR events are not recorded and any photographs of events are taken with the permission of each participant. 

Please join our mailing list to get updates on our upcoming RRR events. Please contact us if you would like CYFA to host an RRR event for you. We look forward to building community with you.