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Youth Advisory Board

Nothing About Us, Without Us  

CYFA recognizes the social change efforts cannot happen without youth voice and active participation.  Young people bring knowledge, skills, awareness of issues and root causes, commitment, a sense of responsibility, and chances to act on passions through relevant, sustained actions.


CYFA’s Youth Advisory Board members play a critical role in helping to guide CYFA’s understanding of the most pressing opportunities, issues, and challenges facing Arlington County’s children and youth.  Each board member has the opportunity to provide insight and feedback on CYFA’s programs, initiatives, communications, and strategic planning and to analyze, guide, and engage on community-based proposals and initiatives. Additionally, for members, CYFA’s Youth Advisory Board is an opportunity to develop leadership skills and community voice, provide perspective on issues affecting young people, meet and collaborate with other youth interested in systems and social change, and to advance problem-solving skills.  
The Youth Advisory Board is open to middle and high school students residing in Arlington County.  The Board meets quarterly based on a schedule approved by its members.  
Please fill out the form below to apply to join CYFA’s Youth Advisory Board. 

Application deadline is April 15